exploring and traveling the world as a family

About Us

Where we've been


Since our family's beginnings in 2015 we have traveled abroad to over 10 countries. Less than a month after we were married, we traveled to four different states in the US and moved to Sapporo, Japan where Geoff got a job working as an English teacher. After 3.5 years of living in Japan, we moved back to the US where we currently reside.  

where we are


Right now, our family consists of four.  Our first daughter Abigail was born in Sapporo, Japan and in her first year of life, we journeyed to over 8 countries with her. Our second daughter Anabelle was born in Los Angeles, California and so far (at 9 mo old) she has been to 5 countries and 3 states. Our current goal is to explore fun things to do in California with our kids and to hit up as many hiking trails as we can find. 

where we're going


Being back in the US, we look forward to exploring the States with our kids. We also have a few overseas travel plans currently in the works for the next two years. You can follow up on all our travel family adventures through our blog and Instagram. We also hope to eventually start a YouTube channel. Thanks for joining us along for the ride!